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The Boundless Process
Initial Consultation
Assess a mutual fit & learn about your primary financial concerns and desires
Together, we’ll gather and organize your financial information upfront, as well as your top priorities to work on.
We’ll regularly analyze your financial health scores to identify ways to help you improve. And each quarter we'll deliver a report through The Elements Financial Monitoring System that highlights all the progress you've made.
Together, we will walk through your initial financial plan and the strategies we recommend moving forward. We'll share recommendations with you by email, video, or phone, or in-person (depending on the program).
It’s time to take action and execute your personal financial plan! We’ll help you implement the recommendations made and transfer any assets necessary.
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Financial Freedom Planning
Planning & strategies to reach financial independence
Delegated Investment Management
Hands-on, custom investment planning & management
In-Depth Retirement Planning
Projections and strategies to help you visualize future decisions
Tax Savings Strategies
Minimizing taxes on your way to financial freedom
College Savings Planning
Weighing the options of college-specific saving
Insurance & Risk
Review & recommendations for insurance and risk
Company Benefit Planning
Annual review & strategies for company benefits
Estate Planning
Protecting your family & legacy through proper planning
Big Purchase Planning
Preparing for travel, home purchases, and more
Cash Flow Planning
Know where your money is going each month
Financial Organization
Simple document and account organization
Debt Management
Building strategies to help you break free from the weight of debt
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